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Abby Bear Anti Bacterial Hanger Set

MRP : Rs. 240.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 80.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Abby Bear
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Product Description

Its very difficult to organize small kids/babies cloths. The usually available hangers in the market are suitable for adults cloths not for babies or toddler cloths.

Abby Bear brings specially designed hangers for babies/toddlers cloths. This hanger has some special features compared to any normal hangers namely
Processed by the antimicrobial (antibacterial effects for up to 3 years, use of about 1000 times), can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. These hangers are very safe for  babies.
Has ditch made up into the hanger to make hanging easy.
Specially designed hooks in the hangers to help you in hanging the bottom.
Well made with sturdy frame.

Keeping babies cloths can be fun with this hanger. The certified antibacterial nature of this product make it best suitable for your baby wardrobe.

Abby Bear uses non-toxic lead free printing material for printing cartons.

Material: P.P.

Heat Resistance Temp: ~20 to 120 Degrees Centigrade


Made In Taiwan

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