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Pigeon Breast Milk Cooler Bag

MRP : Rs. 2,000.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 200.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Pigeon
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Product Description

The Pigeon Breastmilk Cooler Bag is perfect for carrying breastmilk and is also great for bottles of milk, formula, medicines or food for your baby and you when you are on the go. It uses the technology of Fridge to Go to keep the contents of your bag cool for up to 12 hours making it safe to carry your babies milk or food. Keep the 2 cooling panels in the freezer, when ready to go, pop it in the bag for amazing cooling.

Cools up to 12 hours
Holds 5 breastmilk storage bottles and 1 breast pump - perfect if you are expressing away from home
Also great for other beverages and food
Requires no ice or external power
Lightweight and compact
Double zipper for wide open flap for convenience
Adjustable strap for stroller or to carry on your shoulder
Front zippered pocket
Front velcro pocket
Size - 23cm high x 20cm wide x 9cm deep

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