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Abby Bear Bath Tub (White)

MRP : Rs. 1,125.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 250.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Abby Bear
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Product Description

As the new-born baby bone development has not yet been completed, there is no support for the body's strength. Hence, giving bath has always been challenge for mother. You can now use yellow ducklings shower basin with bath net bed, so that your baby can get happy shower bath.

Salient Feature of the bath tub are
Soap Holder: Easier to take or place the soap without the fear of slipping.
Shower Supporting Frame: Make parent more convenient to take a shower bath.
Bottom Drain Stopper: Helps easy draining of water. Particularly convenient after the bath is finished.
Wrist Rack: Allows parent to give baby bath in very natural and comfortable position.
Consistent with the human body function

Abby Bear uses non-toxic lead free printing material for printing cartons.

Size: 73x44x24cms

Heat Resistant Temperature: 20 to120 Degrees Centigrade

Material: P.P.

Retention Period: 10 years

Made in Taiwan

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