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Abby Bear Infant Training Bowl

MRP : Rs. 175.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 80.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Abby Bear
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Product Description

This bowl has sucker at the bottom. Hence, you can firmly fix this bowl on any smooth desktop. You need not to worry that your baby will spill over the bowl. Its a good option for baby first meals training. You can remove the sucker as your baby grows. So, you can use it for long time.

This bowl is Processed by the antimicrobial , which can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. The antibacterial effects last for up to 3 years or for about 1000 uses. The  antimicrobial  treatment can prevent bacterial infection and the occurrence of enterovirus infection. Its a very hygienic product for your babies feeding needs.

This product can be used for microwave heating. You can boil the bowl for disinfection purpose. Please don't boil the sucker.

Abby Bear uses non-toxic lead free printing material for printing cartons.

     Sucker base: TPR RESIN
     Bowl: PP

Heat Resistance Temperature
    Sucker Base: -20 to 80 Degrees Centigrade
    Bowl :  -20 to 120 Degrees Centigrade

Sucker Base Bowl size:
    Diameter: 10 cms
    Height: 4.7 cms

Made In Taiwan

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