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Pigeon Bottle & Baby food Warmer

MRP : Rs. 2,480.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 200.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Pigeon
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Product Description

To allow baby to enjoy milk at a suitable temperature and to provide Mother a simple solution in the task of warming milk / food, PIGEON's Bottle & Babyfood Warmer has the following special features:

* Uses advanced heating technology that enables instant heating, maintenance of desired temperature and automatic heating.

* Fits all bottle sizes and is suitable for warming milk and baby food such as congee.

* Able to control heating temperature from 20deg. C ~80 deg. C to ensure nutrition in milk or food is not destroyed and baby food is never over-heated.

* Easy to handle, wash and carry.

* Safe for baby as heating cup, cover and warmer do not contain harmful plastic or chemical.

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