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Baby Bouncer : Carter's Musical Rocking Chair

MRP : Rs. 2,595.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 350.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Carter
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Product Description

Soft, comfortable cushion and vibration sensitive  music box kind of feature lets baby feel like a mother  touch. It has spacious and wide seat. The baby will be  more relaxed and calm in this bouncer.

Its made of  thick cotton fabric. The fabric is  thickened at the bottom so that infant can sit safe and comfortable.

The protective head rest and safety belt will keep your baby in secure and stable posture. The baby will remain comfortable in this rocker  for long time.

Vibration sensitive special music box has three different types of music which can be tempered to increase your baby's hearing.

This rocker is good for baby's  visual, tactile, and other aspects of motor development needs.

The peng cover can be adjusted to protect babies eyes from glare, sun exposure and other harmful light. Its suitable for all the seasons. You can use it for indoor and outdoor purpose.

A plush bear, plush elephant and a small hand-shake of the cotton ball on front rod will satisfy the curious hearts of baby.

Color: Blue

Age: newborn (0-3M) / infant (4-12M)
Applies to infants under 11 kilograms.

Weighing about four kilograms

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