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Carter's Soothing Vibrations Bouncer

MRP : Rs. 1,795.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 350.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Carter
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Product Description

Features :
  • The frame structure is stable and  lightweight. Its very safe for your baby.
  • It has extra soft cushion on the overall frame to provide soft and comfortable feeling to your baby.
  • This rocking chair can be adjusted in multiple angles. The angle can be fixed with lock adjustment.
  • Rocking chair handle contains premise of beam plush, rattles and other toys; Your baby will have playful time in this bouncer. Turn the wheel ball will allow your child to improve tactile skills. The baby can turn the ball to see the color full beads inside the ball and to hear the sound. This will aid your child's visual and hearing senses development.
  • Rocking chair can be set to vibration mode. The soothing vibration will calm down your baby as it provide the reassurance like mother embrace. In the gentle shake the baby will gradually go to sleep.  It is a good child-care help for mothers.
  • Baby rocking chair can be used for indoor and outdoor purpose.
  • This rocking seat helps in tactile and motor nerve stimulation and comprehensive early intellectual development of infants.
  • You can use the peng cover when going out to protect the baby from  glare, sun exposure and other harmful light.

Age : newborn (0-3M) / infant (4-12M)
Applies to infants under 11 kilograms.

Color :

Dimensions :
Packing Size: 52 * 36.5 * 27cm

Weight : Approx 3 Kgs

Material :
Cushion composition : 100% polyester fiber
Surface composition : 65% Cotton 35% Polyester

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