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Little Angel Walker

MRP : Rs. 2,795.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 400.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Little Angel
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Product Description

  1. Its Light and smart Walker.
  2. Its very convenient to Collapse. Gently  press it from top ,after releasing the lock, to collapse it. It takes very little space after collapsing.  You can easily fold and open it daily.   
  3. Its wheel has 360 degree rotation. It uses a flexible shift for this purpose.  This makes it very stable vehicle for your baby. 
  4. Your baby will not topple from this walker. It has a close button fixed car security which makes it virtually accident free walker for your baby.
  5. It has a detachable toy music plate. Toy disk plate can be removed after use. The baby will like the musical toy on the walker.
  6. It has a block cloth to provide the soft comfort to your baby's soft skin.   The cloth has very good air permeability. Your baby can remain in the walker for long time without getting uncomfortable. You can have long lasting hygienic walker as the cloth can be easily cleaned.
  7. Three-level adjustable
  8. Wide seat design to protect baby's bumps.

Age : Suitable for babies 6-18 months of use

  • Use of high-quality iron fittings or aluminum alloy tube, pipe arm have sufficient thickness to provide sturdy and durable cart.
  • New materials and parts for high strength materials, with impact-resistant, anti-tempering, the advantage of wear-resistant qualities. The cart will not break or deform even in the extreme cold season.
  • Plastic tube paint pigment or metal materials doesn't contain the lead or other harmful  chemicals.
  • Block of wet and dry cloth after Mount Sassafras Materials is solid and durable. It doesn't fade easily. Also the cloth does not contain formaldehyde. This makes it very hygienic cart for the baby.
  • Little Angel brand of  Trolley  has gone through eight high-quality heavy metal detection test successfully.
Weight: 5.5 KG.
Folded Size: L 640(mm) * W 655(mm) * H 370 (mm)
Open Size: L 640(mm) * W 655(mm) * H 525 (mm)

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