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Pigeon Bottle Nipple & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser - 450ml

MRP : Rs. 420.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 80.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Pigeon
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Product Description


The PIGEON Bottle Nipple & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser is the ultimate natural cleanser and is essential for baby's health. Tried and tested by mothers all over the world, it has proven to be highly effective in killing bacteria found in milk. Made from fruit and vegetable extracts, it is safe and effective for cleaning baby accessories, such as bottles, nipples, pacifiers and toys, and is even suitable for washing fruit and vegetables.

  • Strong synthetic detergent with harmless active ingredient
  • High degree of safety


  • Use as you would your previous cleaning agents by either pouring the cleanser directly onto the sponge/brush or by mixing it with water.
  • After washing, rinse baby accessories and especially fruit and vegetable thoroughly in running water.

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