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Little Angel 1071 Umbrella Car

MRP : Rs. 2,895.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 400.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Little Angel
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Product Description

It is a lightweight and portable cart with cart umbrella. Its ideal for mommy to take their babies out during summer season. Its an excellent vehicle with excellent stability, shock absorbent system and dual locking system. In this buggy, you can take your baby out without any worry for safety or comfort of the baby.

  • Demolition-style car-free admission before the handrail due to lesser folded width.
  •  It can have 360-degree rotation. The rotation can be fixed.
  • Back rest can be adjusted at two angles.
  • Front shock absorber device make it more comfortable buggy for your cute little baby. The front is equipped with spring shock absorbers, to avoid baby feel uncomfortable due to bumps during strolling at uneven surface.
  • Convenience Collapse design is comfortable ( the design is patented ). The entire vehicle before the handrail ,combined, land: land when not removed before the handrails, direct Collapse Units cars, faster and convenient to use.
  • Superior fabric provide good air permeability. Your baby will remain comfortable in hot and humid environment.
  • Ergonomically designed structure. Baby will not feel the fatigue easily.
  • Seat can recline to Block. Seating between 95-120 º angle;
  • Wider seat design, fit different size of the baby.
  • Handrail kit package to increase the rubber layer of PVC to avoid babies catch on to the handrails of the foam tube. Its protects the handrails from baby's bite.
  • Use of high-quality iron fittings or aluminum alloy tube, pipe arm have sufficient thickness to provide sturdy and durable cart.
  • New materials and parts for high strength materials, with impact-resistant, anti-tempering, the advantage of wear-resistant qualities. The cart will not break or deform even in the extreme cold season.
  • Plastic tube paint pigment or metal materials doesn't contain the lead or other harmful chemicals.
  •  Block of wet and dry cloth after Mount Sassafras Materials is solid and durable. It doesn't fade easily. Also the cloth does not contain formaldehyde. This makes it very hygienic cart for the baby.
  • if the eight heavy metals exceeds the prescribed limits then it will seriously harm your baby's body. It can even affect the healthy growth of your babies. Little Angel brand of Trolley has gone through eight high-quality heavy metal detection test successfully.
Key components of performance standards:
  • Handrails and the plate before: 25/15kg upward, downward, forward pull test, not from the vehicle Units.
  • Security deduction: SHI 30kg strength testing, the safety button is not damaged.
  • Seat belt: waist hip belt bandwidth must be greater than 20mm, more than 30kg suture under Department pull test.
  • Gap: 5-12mm NON CONTACT GAP to prevent child injuries in the fingers.
  • The first file-seat design: to prevent the baby from the back off the accident.
Overall performance standard:
  •  Software based fire test through the United States / European agencies.
  • Color fastness resistance: Mount Sassafras, after wet and dry fastness, washing, sweat saliva, such as sunlight fastness testing.
  •  Static Load: The weight infants to 3 times the weight of the test, the umbrella Cart. Trolley can withstand more than 45kg.
  • Road test: load capacity 18kg, basket store 5kg.
  • Light intensity: the light intensity of the test meets the 15kg.
Size :
  • Open: a long 830 * 420 * High-wide 970 (mm)
  • Related: long 210 * 170 * High-wide 1100 (mm)
  • Weight : 5.4 Kgs
Usages :
  • Fit for 6-36 months babies

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