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Little Angel Stroller (5160)

MRP : Rs. 6,595.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 400.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Little Angel
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Product Description

Product Features :
  • A unique square tube models. The molded design makes it look very fashionable and trendy.
  • Block removable cloth makes cleaning very comfortable. Now, your baby can feel very clean and comfortable in stroller. You can keep the stroller hygienic.
  • You can easily feed your baby in car or out site. Feeding plate is attached in this stroller. The plate can be easily removed on need basis.
  • Integral super-store basket. You can place your baby's little things very easily. During outing you can carry all your baby's need with extra comfort due to extra storage space .
  • Super front shock absorber with a 360-degree rotation. The rotation can be fixed. The two step rear brakes makes it very steady and secure stroller for your baby.
  • Hand can be changed to facilitate the parents. You can now face the baby when you take him/her out.
  • Three adjustable backrest angle. The angle can be easily adjustable by foot adjustment. The baby can easily sit, rest and sleep in this stroller.
  • Three adjustable roof angle make it comfortable pram for all seasons.
  • Adjustable pedal set gives comfortable ride to the baby.
  • Special collection vehicle design, passengers can stand. 
  • The new patented folding style Collapse design makes a very compact and convenient folding.
  • Second security locking device prevents the accidental collapse of vehicle.
  • Ergonomically design frames and seating angles.
  • Use of high-quality iron fittings or aluminum alloy tube, pipe arm have sufficient thickness to provide sturdy and durable cart.
  • New materials and parts for high strength materials, with impact-resistant, anti-tempering, the advantage of wear-resistant qualities. The cart will not break or deform even in the extreme cold season.
  • plastic tube paint pigment or metal materials doesn't contain the lead or other harmful  chemicals.
  • Block of wet and dry cloth after Mount Sassafras Materials is solid and durable. It doesn't fade easily. Also the cloth does not contain formaldehyde. This makes it very hygienic cart for the baby.
  • Little Angel brand of  Trolley  has gone through eight high-quality heavy metal detection test successfully.
Trolley can withstand more than 45kgs.

Weight: 9.7 Kgs.
Folded Size: 480(mm) * 300(mm) * 870(mm)
Open Size: 240(mm) * 300(mm) * 1050(mm)

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