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Appu Nursery Rhymes Vol-10

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Brand : Appu
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Product Description

In this collection, we bring to you 20 popular nursery rhymes, including some of the classics that you’ve grown up with. Encourage your child to develop basic vocabulary, as well as social and mathematical concepts with the help of rhyme and rhythm.
Learning truly has become an experience to be enjoyed by your child!

20 Animated Rhymes: 

* Do Re Mi   
* Mr. Moon
* A Chubby Little Snowman  
* Burnie Bee 
* There Was A Little Dog
* I Am A  Little  Snowman  
* Butterfly  Butterfly
* A B C Tumble 
* Ride A Cock-Horse To Banbury Cross
* Round And Round The Garden
* A Cat Came Fiddling Out Of A Barn
* The Laughing Policeman
* Aeroplane Up In The Sky
* New Year
* Que Sera
* When Little Fred Went To Bed
* A Hunting We Will Go
* Wash Your Hands 
* Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes
* Candyman

Includes Free Number Matching Game

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