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Appu Panchatantra Tales - 6 Stories In Hindi

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Brand : Appu
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Product Description

Appu’s Panchatantra Tales is based on a collection of fables from the Panchatantra, which was compiled over 2000 years ago in Sanskrit by Vishnusarman to instruct the sons of a king in worldly wisdom.
Appu tells us about the antics of his delightful friends the Crow, Lion and Monkey. There are six stories in which Appu’s friends are clever and foolish. This entertaining and interactive CD will also introduce children to life’s valuable lessons:
* Never believe a rumour.
* Presence of mind always helps.
* When danger strikes, think and act.
* We are treated the way we treat others.
* Being intelligent is more powerful than being strong.

And there is more with each story:
* Surprise animation.
* Question and Answer section.
* Music and sound effects.
* Morals
Also Plays on your VCD and DVD Player.

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