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Appu Tales from India ( English & Hindi)

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Brand : Appu
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Product Description

(English and Hindi)
India boasts of a rich history and culture of story-telling. This collection of stories of the Appu Series brings to you some of the most loved tales from India, full of humour and wisdom for everyday living.
Entertainingly narrated in both English and Hindi, the stories in this collection include classic stories from the Jataka and the Panchatantra.

Stories Included:

* Tenali Raman Outwits the Thieves 
* Tenali Raman and the Yard of Smoke
* The Problem of the Mango Tree
* Greed Does not Pay
* The Mice and the Elephants

And there is more with each story:
* Music and narration
* Puzzle section

Can also be played as a VCD.

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