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ToysBox Ouch

MRP : Rs. 435.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 80.00
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Brand : ToysBox
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Product Description

Ouch! - Test your skills! Stay on the edge!

Pull out the sticks one at a time. Do it with a steady hand or prepare to face the marble storm. Keep the rolling marbles to a minimum, and you win.!

22 Blue Marbles, 2 Black Marbles, 24 Sticks.

How to Play
  • Place the Ouch bowl on a flat, smooth surface.   
  • Use one hand to keep it steady and with the other insert the sticks from outside in.
  • The sticks are very flexible, so you can insert them in such a way that a more testing game can be played.  
  • Insert the sticks at different heights and don't leave any gaps.  
  • Place the base on the tray  
  • Fit the central tube in the tray hole.  
  • Assemble the tower by first inserting spiral Tower with slot in the tray, now fit Spiral Tower 2 in the tray.  
  • Fit the slope to connect the spiral tower & the base.  
  • Then place the Ouch! bowl on the tower unit.  
  • Finally drop the marbles in the Ouch! bowl and cover the bowl with the lid.  
Game 1: Ouch
  1. Insert the sticks into the bowl.  
  2. Place it on to the tower unit. See bottom panel for assembly.  
  3. Put all the marble in to the bowl along with the two black marbles.  
  4. Each Player gets a turn to take an Ouch! stick out. Here's the challenge-be sure about which Ouch! stick you wish to pull out because there's no way you can change your mind and pull out another stick.Do it patiently!  
  5. Once one player has finished playing, the next player must shift the open slot in the flat base towards himself to let the falling marbles collect in his / her tray.  
  6. The player with the least number of marbles in the tray is the winner.

Game 2: Black Ball
  1. Follow the rules of Ouch! but with one change - remember the black marbles! Well if it lands in your tray, you stand to gain. How? just minus five marbles from your marble total at the end. Yippe!  
  2. You can add another twist with the black marble - add five marbles to your marble total at the end. Ooops! 
Game 3: Twisty Trays
  1. To begin with, follow the rules of Ouch! But this time when the black marble falls, the players must switch places clock-wise. Remember to put the fallen marbles in your first. Now each players gets the tray that belongs to the Players on his right and of course with all the marbles in it!
Game 4: Sticky Sticks
  1. Before inserting the sticks, each player must select any one color.  
  2. Insert the sticks carefully. Follow the other rules of Ouch!  
  3. You can only remove sticks of the colour you have chosen until the game ends.  
  4. When only two players are playing they can choose one colour each. if three payers are playing sticks of the fourth colour can be removed only after the sticks of the selected three colours are exhausted.  
  5. Try something different here - all players should complete removing sticks of a single colour and then move on to the next colour.

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