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Brand : ToysBox
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Product Description

Abalone is very simple to learn, and it's never the same game twice. 

A game for 2 players.
Abalone can be played anywhere indoor & out.

To be the first player to push six of your opponent's marbles off the board.

How to Play
  • Set the board with the marbles of one colour on one side.
  • Choose your colour, Black moves first.
  • Players move in turns, moving one, two or three marbles at a time, in any direction you choose (Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Backward, Forward)
  • To take only one step at a time.
  • Maximum you can move is three marbles and Minimum is one.
  • The key is to outnumber your opponents marbles:
  • Thus three of your marbles can push two of your opponents marbles, while two of them can push one marble & three can also push one marble but if the marbles of yours and your opponents are equal in number you cannot push them.
  • Push six of your opponent's marbles off the board and win!

  • 14 black marbles
  • 14 white marbles
  • 1 playing board

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