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Dr Wood Kaleidoscope

MRP : Rs. 699.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 80.00
Shipping Time : 7-10 working days
Brand : Dr Wood
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Product Description

Composed of 18 pieces The Kaleidoscope Classic is a unique puzzle and game. The Kaleidoscope Classic combines tactile and on-line experiential enjoyment.

It features an unprecedented 7000+ challenges (rolled out every week for the next 100 years) with billions of possibilities. Itís a lifetime of creative fun at your fingertips!

The challenges range from extremely easy to extremely complex. So everyone from 6 years to 106 will enjoy it.

With the inclusion of enKounter: The strategy game for 2-3 players, it is not only the ULTIMATE puzzle but also the ULTIMATE strategy game.

Internationally Acclaimed and Multi-Award Winning.

Age : 6 & above

Players : 1 to 3

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