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EIN-O Smart Box Force Science

MRP : Rs. 399.00
Shipping Cost : Rs. 80.00
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Brand : EIN-O
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Product Description

Explore magnificent moving objects with this smart science box jam-packed with exciting experiments related to forces. Discover 5 moving science activities including Parachute, Balancing Seahorse, Newton's Cradle, Car and Track and Coins Drop.

The Force Science kit is all about Newtonian mechanics. With this kit, kids actually get to build their own Newtonís cradle. You know the toy Iím talking about - it has five swinging steel balls that click together, banging back and forth for a while after you get it started. This has always been one of the best science toys for demonstrating the laws of conservation of energy.
Other principles kids will learn about with this kit are: gravity (using coin drop experiments), air resistance (with a handy little parachutist), friction and acceleration (with a car and track), and the center of gravity (with their cool balancing seahorse). There are lots of other experiments you can do with this seemingly simple kit. Itís for ages 6 and up but kids a couple years older will certainly get something out of it as well.

Includes Ein-O's I Know Guide and essential equipment.

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