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EIN-O Smart Box Volcano Science

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Brand : EIN-O
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Product Description

Users explore the volatile world of volcanoes in the safety of their own home. In this unique kit users discover how volcanoes work and where they are located worldwide.

This Smart Box kit is a complete practical guide to exploring the the erupting properties of Volcanoes. Inside the box you will find all the components necessary to perform the experiments and as well as a useful I know Guide. The Guide covers facts about Volcanoes, Volcanic rocks (pumice) and a Volcano Map of the world followed by the experiments to make your own chemical version of a volcano.
Two Eruptive Experiments! (Great care required, just like standing near a real volcano)
Volcano Rumble Kit
Volcanic Rocks

Contents include
Volcanic model
Special Ein-O Lava powder
L-Shaped connector
Volcanic Rock
Magnifying Glass (you will need additionally to complete all experiments -water)

Experiments includes
1.Volcano Rumble Kit - Objective is to piece together a Volcano model, add Lava powder, Vinegar and stand clear for an eruption
2.Volcano Rocks - Objective is to observe volcanic rock (pumice) with a magnifying glass, add water and see what happens
Suitable for ages 10+ yrs (Extra safety precautions required due to the chemical components)

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